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Fire Rescue Billing, LLC

What is Fire Rescue Billing, LLC?

Fire Rescue Billing, LLC is a West Virginia company specializing in recovering costs for incidents that your fire department responds. This will help bring an extra revenue stream into your budget that most departments do not take advantage of.

Why Choose us?

We bring nearly 10 years of billing experience and over 20 years of firefighting experience to your fingertips which allows us to work closely with Insurance Companies to get your claims paid quickly.

How Does it Work?

You continue to respond to incidents as your always have. At the scene, fire personnel will need to collect specific information to allow us to properly invoice the insurance company. Once you return from the scene you will then transmit that information to us in one of several ways.
What Types of Incidents? We can invoice for nearly any type of incident you respond to, but most departments choose to only bill for services provided at: Structure Fires Auto Accidents HazMat Incidents Vehicle Fires Technical Rescues 
How much does it cost? We only charge a small percentage of what you collect. There are no set up fee’s or hidden costs. If you don’t get paid then we don’t get paid.  
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