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Fire Rescue Billing, LLC
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How much can we expect to recover?

How much you can recover depends on the call itself. Your state/county sets the fees. Most states (including West Virginia) have a maximum limit set at $500.00 with exception of Hazardous Materials incidents which have no limit. Most departments will charge $250.00 per apparatus per hour plus the costs of supplies (oil dry, etc.). We can also invoice for costs of any damaged gear or equipment that occurs on scene.

How are payments received?

Fire Rescue Billing, LLC will invoice insurance companies (or the individual if you prefer) on your behalf. When payment is made the check will be made out in your name and will come to us. Once per week we will mail out all received payments along with an invoice for our services. Having the check made out in your name alleviates any concern that you would not receive funds that due to you.

How much does it cost?

Fire Rescue Billing, LLC only charges a small percentage of what we collect on your behalf. There are no set up fee’s or hidden costs. We only get paid if you get paid.